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Workshop for Digital and Social Marketing

Many VAR's and channel partners do not have dedicated marketing resources to run campaigns, let alone stay up-to-date on best practices or develop marketing plans and strategies. This is where Ridge Consulting comes in.

We work with Vendor marketing teams and sales leaders to provide additional ad-hoc marketing planning support to your preferred VAR's. Our workshops are customized for each Vendor, but typically include such elements as:

  • Reviewing best practices and making recommendations on the type of tactic most suitable for the partner and their goals.
  • Developing a marketing plan for campaign(s) with projected ROI
  • Developing success criteria
  • Leveraging Vendor existing content and systems
  • Claiming back MDF funds from the Vendor

For more information about our Digital and Social Marketing Workshops for Channel Partners please email us: info@ridge-consulting.com

Access our White Paper: Ultimate Guide to Digital Co-Marketing

We also recommend that you check out the end-to-end demand generation solutions for channel partners provided by our sister company, Impertion.

Ridge Consulting

Ridge Consulting is comprised of a number of consulting partners worldwide. Many of our partners are qualified Chartered Directors, accredited by the Institute of Directors.

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