Non-Executive Directors (NED)

Non-Executive Directors (NED) can bring many benefits to a company and the inclusion of “NED’s” on a Board of Directors is considered best practice. A “Non-Exec” is an Independent Director that does not have an executive role and ideally does not own shares in the company. This ensures that they are completely impartial to decision-making and can help the Chairperson and Board make decisions that are best for the company as a whole.

Ridge Consulting (selectively) provides Non-Executive Directors to Clients. All company Directors, whether executive or not, are liable for the debts of a company so this is not something to be considered lightly. Our NED’s are qualified Chartered Directors (by the Institute of Directors) who are seasoned entrepreneurs and Directors that can help steer your company to sustainable growth.

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Ridge Consulting

Ridge Consulting is comprised of a number of consulting partners worldwide. Many of our partners are qualified Chartered Directors, accredited by the Institute of Directors.

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