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Strategy Workshop

Our strategy development workshops are designed to help small technology companies build a cohesive business strategy as a framework from which functional strategies (such as marketing, sales, operations and finance) can be based. Too often companies jump straight into marketing plans and tactics without having an over-arching business strategy to guide them, leading to wasted marketing (and vendor co-marketing) spend.

The workshop is based on Ridge Consulting's proprietary "A.L.I.G.N" methodology for rapid strategy development. It is designed for the executive leadership team rather than middle management. During the workshop the leadership team will complete a strategy development worksheet which addresses external factors, internal strengths and weaknesses, resource gaps and strategic options. The workshop ends with the team completing a "strategy canvas" which summarises the first draft of their new strategy and can be used as a basis for them to refine their final version.

The workshops typically include a number of follow up sessions with the Ridge Consulting team to finalise the strategy and begin using it to formulate marketing, sales and operational strategies and plans.

Download your free copy of our "Strategy Canvas" template here.

You can also download a case study on one of our workshops.

And contact us to discuss how we can help you: info@ridge-consulting.com

Ridge Consulting

Ridge Consulting is comprised of a number of consulting partners worldwide. Many of our partners are qualified Chartered Directors, accredited by the Institute of Directors.

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Watch a video on what we believe the best small technology companies do differently

Get a free copy

Get a free copy of the Strategy Development Canvas we use in our workshops

Download a case study

Download a case study on one of our strategy development workshops

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Download an Infographic showing what the best IT resellers do differently

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