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Workshop for Disruptive Innovation

What do Line of Business (LoB) buyers want from technology? Certainly not the technology itself!

LoB buyers want technology that enables them to achieve breakthroughs that give them a competitive advantage. They are not interested in technology for technology's sake. They look at technology solely as an enabler, and if it can be an enabler of disruptive innovation within their industry, then you have their interest.

Our workshops, webinars and tools in disruptive innovation bring your channel partners through the concepts of disruptive and discontinuous innovations. Most importantly, it shows the channel partner how to position themselves alongside your technology solutions as enablers of disruption. The critical point is that this immediately pivots them in the customers eyes from the "red ocean strategies" of a commodity VAR to a completely new, higher value "blue ocean strategy" as a partner in creative innovation. Technology vendors benefit from more sales and greater VAR loyalty.

These workshops are run by a Chartered Director who has completed MIT's course on disruptive innovation,  "The Innovator's DNA".

If you are interested in learning more about this breakthrough approach to market positioning and winning new business for your VARs please drop us a note: 

Email: info@ridge-consulting.com

Ridge Consulting

Ridge Consulting is comprised of a number of consulting partners worldwide. Many of our partners are qualified Chartered Directors, accredited by the Institute of Directors.

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